Coron Island

There are two lakes that is open for tourist, the famous Kayangan Lake and Barracuda lake, the island is made of a limestone rock, white sand beaches, many lagoons and reefs around.

Maquinit Hotspring

4 kilometers away from town center, can be reach by tricycle, motorcycle or any four wheel drive vehicles, it is made of sulfuric salty water that came from underneath spring.

Mt. Tapyas

A 747 step to the summit of the mountain, but if you came from Alps, it will be like a tiny hill. A concreted stairs and over looking view on the top is a must to do while here, and visit the place before sunset, to see the view of Coron Bay and Coron Island. Just bring water to drink, you will need it.

Malcapuya and Banana Island

A two far away island that is famous of their beautiful beach and coral reefs it takes 1-2 hours by boat, depends on what engine they use and how it is.