Coron Castaway Trip (3 days 2 nights)

To Experience ultimately the beauty and calmness of the islands, we make an special trips that will fits on your taste and time wile you are in the most beautiful islands in the world.

Coron and Busuanga islands has many things to offer but we narrow it down for travellers who seek a real unique experience, a 3 days 2nights camping expedition.

Day 1

We start at 10 am, and proceed to destinations, by not being push or being rush, just relax but at the same time enjoying the amazing landscape of the island, visit one lake and few lagoons and snorkel to shipwreck that sunk down 72 years ago during WWII, watch the corals and fishes that make you feel you are in a big aquarium, have lunch on-board, then head out to the base camp, enjoy the beach, hammock, and drink rum and coke while waiting for dinner while around the bonfire.

Day 2

Enjoy the breakfast, take our time and be brief of what will be the plan for the day, cruising is amazing when your eyes is full of surprise, remote island spectacular beaches and swimming always and enjoy the coral reefs that being protected for more than 30 years because of the pearl farming around the island and bays, have lunch on-board again, relax enjoy the beach life no rush, then head to another island for basecamp, and do the same like the 1st day.

Day 3

breakfast is important for a long day but waking up early is depend on you guys, because it will be the last day, we will be doing the same thing like 1st and 2nd days, have lunch, cruise, relax, beach bumming, eat lunch, snorkel, and exchange emails and facebook for your new friends who also have the same set of mind of traveling after 3 days on the sea and island, then at 3 pm we start to head back to Coron town where we start.

But the places we will go is not that touristy, white sand beaches, beautiful coral reefs, fisherman villages and we try to avoid the trap of what usual tourists do, of course we cannot pass the Coron Island where the highlights are the lakes and lagoons.

10,000 Php per person all included:

  • Boat
  • Fees
  • Food
  • Guide
  • Snorkel & Mask
  • Camping Gear/Sleeping Materials
  • Bottle of Rum